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Yasanche Unveils The Exquisite ‘Drop Jewellery Tray’ From Its Water Series

Yasanche Unveils The Exquisite ‘Drop Jewellery Tray’ From Its Water Series

Mumbai, May 2020: Yasanche launches the ‘Drop Jewellery Tray’ from its Water Series. This unconventional home décor accessory is moulded in translucent resin using eight intricate techniques to achieve the final product. Since, these techniques are hand-processed, each piece has one-of-a-kind features.


The inspiration behind Yasanche’s Water Series is the purity and kinetic form of water. This Series exhibits a unique collection of accessories that portray the fluidity of water in its different states of existence, and its natural flow in the form of ripples, splashes, droplets and bubbles—shapes and movements that have been wonderfully captured as a moment in time. The Water Series includes awe-inspiring and distinctive home accessories. Future additions to the collection will be in the form of wall art and furniture objects.


The ‘Drop Jewellery Tray’ captures the moment when water drops in a pond or a large volume of water. The tray mimics the resultant first ripple, splash or waves on the waters surface. Furthermore, the large, simple and defined splash in the middle of the tray functions as a holder—a place to hold jewellery such as earrings, rings or bracelets. The ‘Drop Jewellery Tray’ is simple, yet arresting and would add to the splendour of any dressing table.

About The Brand

Yasanche by Yashesh Virkar is a celebration of exquisite artistry, originality and fascinating treasures of the world around us. Yasanche’s designs are highly crafted, and are inspired from the decorative arts, flora and fauna, and natural forms, while using unique techniques. They are sophisticated decorative pieces that redefine modern trends. Yasanche sets a high standard in home accessories with its empowering style, prestige, and exclusivity. The Water Series at Yasanche strives to evoke sensational experiences by featuring beautiful pieces which are passionately inspired and crafted, and convey a sense of mystery that seduces, entices and captivates its audience.

Availability as follows:

Address: GNP Solitaire, 3rd Floor, Shop No 37/38 A, Plot TS 1, Phase 1, Opposite SBI, MIDC, Dombivli (E) Mumbai

Phone: 9769770004



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