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Sources Unlimited unveils the latest collection from Melogranoblu & CoeLux

Sources Unlimited, one of the pioneers in introducing high-end international furniture,
accessories and lighting solutions to the Indian market, has unveiled the latest lights collections from Melogranoblu and CoeLux at their newly opened showroom in Mumbai.
Melogranoblu is an Italian interior lighting company based in Bergamo, known for a wide range of solutions for interior lighting design, including impressive installations for large architectural settings. Melogranoblu creations are veritable spectacles of light, focusing on the sensory and emotional effect of light through glass. Design projects in which all forms of glass are conceived and designed according to the effects they can generate through light. All Melogranoblu designs are conceived, developed, engineered and produced entirely in the, to company unsure the “Made in Italy” quality. The pieces are blown and worked by hand, one after the other.


The Soap collection plays with the revelatory power of light.
The glass sculpture inside is revealed only when the light source, as if by magic, makes the external mirrored element transparent, creating a sublime and fascinating game of appearances. The energy released from the inside is a marriage of technique and genius.

Hydra collection

A modular lighting system for interiors, Hydra results in alluring and sophisticated lighting compositions with great ease. Shapes in blown glass, clear or frosted, suspended using coloured tubular metal links, reflect the light in the room to create evocative atmospheres. Versatility, lightness, easy installation and freedom of design are its distinctive features. You can create countless light configurations suited to all architectural interiors. The in-house group of designer’s works in close synergy with the client in creating spectacular compositions studied for the specific interior design project.

CoeLux Srl

CoeLux Srl is a high-tech Company known for its innovative lighting solutions with an aim to create the perception of an extraordinarily wide space, by means of a genuine physical reproduction of optical atmospheric phenomena indoors. Their unique CoeLux ®  lighting systems reproduce the true effect of natural sunlight entering through the opening in the integrated ceiling, with a realistic sun perceived at infinite distance surrounded by a clear deep blue sky. Objects shine in the exceptional light casting sharp sky-blue shadows, reproduce a virtual experience of the sun and sky, especially in a below-ground environment, radically changing our perception of reality.

CoeLux® HT25

CoeLux HT25, the first of the CoeLux systems characterized by a zenithal beam of light with a versatile design: 25 cm thick for a rectangular window measuring 52 by 107 cm. It allows great design freedom, its distinctive 25 cm thickness is suitable for recessed installation even in smallheights, in plasterboard false ceilings or modular ones. It can be installed in different compositions and the subtle design of the frame facilitates the creation of semi-continuous windows, creating the perception of large portions of sky. Moving around the area below the system, the observer will be able to see a large portion of sky and by approaching and entering the emitted spot the sun will appear, slightly diffused and not very dazzling. The optical design helps to create the sun perceived at infinite distance and the observer, moving in space, will have the impression that the sun is always positioned above his head. The sun of CoeLux HT25 illuminates and projects a beam of intense light, enhancing the colours and the textures of the room and the objects in it. The spot projection is slightly wider than the window and illuminates the surrounding area diffusely. With a 60 degree flaring, the thin, opaque white frame intercepts the sun and creates a reflection on the sky, increasing the perception of depth of the window. The HT25 system is characterized by the CoeLux panel made of scratch-resistant and fireproof glass: the nanoparticles inside diffuse the light, recreating the blue colour of the sky. The system can be dimmed from 40% to maximum power, it is DALI compatible and can be controlled via Bluetooth from a smartphone upon request.

About Sources Unlimited

Established in 2005, Sources Unlimited was formed by self-taught entrepreneurs Falgun Shroff and Purav Mehta with an aim to introduce high quality, luxury furniture to the Indian market. They passionately put together a team of motivated individuals to source furniture based on the individual tastes of their exclusive clients. With its unique and transparent factory to doorstep business model, Sources Unlimited has developed a pristine reputation in the industry. What started off as a small furniture importing company, has quickly grown into the single largest importer of luxury home décor brands in India. The company functions through its 3 verticals i.e. Furniture, Lighting & Accessories. Each division has a specialized leadership and a dedicated team commanding the unique skills required to execute their job. Boasting a portfolio of over 400 brands, the company widely works with architects, interior designers and stylists, and assists them in sourcing the right products for their end clients. Headquartered in Mumbai, they have delivered numerous projects within India and abroad, and count well-known public figures and top corporate houses amongst their list of clients. With a focus on giving highly personalized service, Sources Unlimited is all set to launch two showrooms – one in Mumbai and another in Delhi. Currently, Sources Unlimited has exclusive tie-ups with various European manufacturers such as Giorgetti, Rimadesio, Turri, Longhi, Baxter, Wall&Deco, Sicis, Promemoria, etc. Besides these brands, they have numerous other high profile European design/furniture houses associated with their network.

Availability as follows:

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Unit No. 804 & 805, 8th Floor, Hubtown Solaris, N. S. Phadke Road, Andheri (East),
Mumbai – 400 069

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Mumbai Showroom
Unit No. 1131, 11 th Floor Hubtown Solaris, N. S. Phadke Road, Andheri (East),
Mumbai – 400 069

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Delhi Showroom
Sources Unlimited
Unit No. 356/357, MG Road, Sultanpur Metro Station,
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