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MADS Creations Launches Statement-making Sideboards

MADS Creations Launches Statement-making Sideboards

New Delhi, Feb 2021 :– Gurgaon-based luxury interior concepts and custom design company MADS Creations has launched a new collection of statement-making sideboards each of which impresses with a unique design feature.
As functional accessories, sideboards offer storage inside and a display place for your precious accessories on the top. As such they become centre of attraction in a design scheme. These sideboards by MADS Creations ensure that they get all the attention they can with their beautiful and innovative design. These carefully crafted and perfectly finished sideboards lend a rich and luxurious look to any space.

Image 1: Sensually rounded sides with metal interplay on both sides result in a dramatic sideboard. It has metal legs, a metal ring on the left and a metal feature on the right, both of which are finished in gold. The overall polish with grain creates a sophisticated look.

Image 2: This rounded bottom, fabric-clad sideboard has a stone top with a metal base and metal legs. The interiors are covered with laminate and fitted with a glass shelf. The shutters feature a gentle push open mechanism.

Image 3: A chic laminate covered sideboard features a metal base and legs, with metal handles with a hint of golden touch.

Image 4: This classical style sideboard in a wooden base is accented with metal strips and metal knobs in gold polish. The drawers are covered in laminate.

Image 5: An eye-catching sideboard with an exclusive design feature, it has an exotic stone top, metal base. Metal shutters add an innovative touch.

About  The Company

MADS Creations, founded by Meenu Agarwal in 2002, is a leading luxury interiors and decor firm offering end-to-end, turnkey solutions. Crafted with custom-created furniture and furnishings, we endeavor to deliver through our interiors a refined lifestyle to those who desire to live artistically, surrounded by grace and elegance. Our comprehensive design solutions bring a touch of global aesthetics to residences, corporate spaces and hospitality sector. Our residential projects include farmhouses, estates, villas, bungalows, apartments and pent houses. Authentic designs are combined with innovative ideas and new tech to create glamorous and stylish spaces.

With Meenu as the creative head, MADS Creations has delivered some spectacular, high-end interior design solutions, as well as a collection of stunning furniture, accessories and decor pieces that are completely client-oriented. What sets our over 200 projects apart, is the complete in-house capability to produce all furnishings and paraphernalia required for a project. A team of proficient designers supported by an unparalleled manufacturing support enables us to handle multiple projects at the same time in a timely manner.

Availability as follows:

Unit-527, 5th Floor Vipul Trade Center,
Sohna Road,
Gurugram – 122018
Phone:+91 7835097019 / +91 7835097920 / +91-124-4389267

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