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Giorgetti & Rimadesio Launch Their New Collection Brought to India by Sources Unlimited

Mumbai, Nov 2019 :– Sources Unlimited, one of the pioneers in introducing high-end international furniture, accessories and lighting solutions to the Indian market, has launched the latest collections from Giorgetti and Rimadesio at their newly opened showroom in Mumbai.

The Giorgetti products showcase high-end experimentation, the sharp precision of theindustrial techniques coupled with the ancient art of cabinetmaking. The furniture pieces ondisplay are contemporary, yet functional with a high dose of timeless design and style.The Hug armchair, designed by award winning Italian designer Rosella Pugliatti, is anamalgamation of 20 pieces of solid walnut Canaletto wood, where the padding seems to bealmost contained by the strength of the wood which surrounds it. Protective like a hug and soft inits generosity, this armchair receives the body keeping it firmly anchored to the ground.In the Disegual table, symmetry gives way to an irregular but supremely elegant design,featuring a variety of angles, straight lines and almost imperceptible curves. Inserts of theirregular top are available in the various finishes like marble, walnut, metal, various colors ofleather and also crystal glass. The Disegual sideboard displays perfect asymmetry and has astrong decorative value. The Fit coffee tableis an object that reveals the master craftsmen’s expertise in creating adistinctive piece with simple intersecting geometric elements. The table with a base in crystalglass is made with regular repeating slats in walnut Canaletto wood that create an optical effectreminiscent of 1960s graphics thanks to marble, leather or metal inserts.Designed by Chi Wing Lo, the Eos is a small table rolled on unusually light coasters that allowfor swift movement. The top in maple or walnut Canaletto with a precious handle in pau ferrowood administers the classic Giorgetti feel to a very functional piece of furniture

Rimadesio collection stands out for a precise and unmistakable style, in a balance betweenshape, precision and unique match of materials. The main materials, glass and aluminum, are thebase of the Rimadesio’s identity – totally recyclable, treated with advanced paintingtechnologies, without harmful substances and dealt in the final phase with ecological packagingsystems. The showroom showcases modular systems that includebookcases, sliding panels,swing doors, walk-in closets and a wide collection of complements.The Moon Doors realize the total integration between doors and walls, between furnitureelements and interior architecture, as the particular profiles conceal the shutter of the door in theconnection between the panel and the frame. Always custom-made in height, Moon also offerswide range of finishes for structure as well as panels in glossy or mat glass, porcelain &leather.Other fine details include handle inserts that can match the color of the panel or that ofthe structure.
The Cover is a system that renews the design concept of a niche or a wardrobe, transforming thedoors as the one and only structural element, necessary to fix the internal equipment. The core ofthe Cover project are the uprights, fixed to the ceiling and to the floor, which collect the invisiblehinges of the doors and the exclusive integrated internal led lighting system.Shelves, clothes hangers, trays and drawers are fixed to the uprights with a joint system, withoutvisible screws, which allows a free and easily adjustment over the time.Always custom-made,Cover can be designed using over 95 color options in both the aluminum structure and the doorpanels that could be in either glass or porcelain

The Dress Bold is a system that creates highly personalized walk-in closets that are customizablein different composition options such as linear, corner and C-shaped solutions. Available withwall back panels in glossy or mat glass, fabric, wood, mirror, leather and provided with anoptional upper LED lighting, the Dress bold can easily transform any backstage dressing area toone that you would like to show off. Sliding panels reside at the core of Rimadesio’s technical abilities, boasting functionalperformance with an original and strong aesthetic value. Using Rimadesio proprietary slidingrails, they allow for the panels to glide in perfectly smooth movements without any contact withthe floor, even in compositions of big dimensions. All sliding panels of Rimadesio are always custom made in both height and width. They can befixed on the ceiling, built-in or on the wall confirming to any project’s technical limitations. Thepanels are available in a variety of patterns and finishes that elevate any area they are part of.

About Giorgetti

With over a hundred years of history, Giorgetti S.P.A. is based in Meda, a city in Brianzasituated about 30 km north of Milan that is synonymous with work and entrepreneurship. As afurniture Centre,Meda was able to compete with French manufactured goods,

thanks to qualityproducts, working techniques and a refined wood finishing, also to the arrival of the best mastersfrom the art schools of Paris, Venice and Milan; and presence of the municipal design andcarving school. It is in this historical context that Luigi Giorgetti started his entrepreneurialadventure. Initially, he set up a shop in Piazza Volta with about eight workers, and later in 1898,he built his first factory in Via Manzoni Giorgetti has always been in synonymous with art,collaboratingwith designers and professionals who were able to interpret and actualize the Italiantradition of “fine drawing”, and conducting memorable exhibitions.

About Rimadesio

Founded in 1956, Rimadesio has always been a part of the industrial furniture district of Brianza,north of Milan. Technology innovation, design research, environmental awareness are parts of itsexclusive vision of the Italian design. Rimadesio is today a 100 per cent made in Italy

Companywith a strong international vocation, confirmed by the brand presence in 90 countrieswith monobrand showrooms in the main cities. Technological innovation, stylistic research,ecological awarenessare the components of the exclusive vision of Rimadesio.

About Sources Unlimited

Established in 2005, Sources Unlimited was formed by self-taught entrepreneurs Falgun Shroffand Purav Mehta with an aim to introduce high quality, luxury furniture to the Indian market.They passionately put together a team of motivated individuals to source furniture based on theindividual tastes of their exclusive clients. With its unique and transparent factory to doorstepbusiness model, Sources Unlimited has developed a pristine reputation in the industry.What started off as a small furniture importing company has quickly grown into the singlelargest importer of luxury home décor brands in India. The company functions through its 3verticals i.e. Furniture, Lighting & Accessories. Each division has a specialized leadership and adedicated team commanding the unique skills required to execute their job.Boasting a portfolio of over 400 brands, the company widely works with architects, interiordesigners and stylists, and assists them in sourcing the right products for their end clients.Headquartered in Mumbai, they have delivered numerous projects within India and abroad,andcount well-known public figures and top corporate houses amongst their list of clients. With a focus on giving highly personalized service, Sources Unlimited is all set to launchtwoshowrooms – one in Mumbai and another in Delhi.Currently, SourcesUnlimited has exclusive tie-ups with various European manufacturers such asGiorgetti, Rimadesio, Turri, Longhi, Baxter, Wall&Deco, Sicis, Promemoria, etc. Besides thesebrands, they have numerous other high profile European design/furniture houses associated withtheir network.

Availability At

Mumbai Office

Unit No. 804 & 805, 8th Floor, Hubtown Solaris, N.S.Phadke Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 069
TEL +91 22 6210 1700

Mumbai Showroom

Unit No. 1131, 11th FloorHubtown Solaris, N. S. Phadke Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 069
TEL +91 22 6210 1700

Delhi Showroom

Sources Unlimited Unit No. 356/357, MG Road, Sultanpur Metro Station,
New Delhi – 110 030
MOB +91 95992 82014

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