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Beyond Designs Unveils Artful Living Rooms

Yasanche Unveils The Exquisite ‘Ripple Fruit Tray’ From Its Water Series

New Delhi, July 2020: Renowned for their bespoke furniture and accessories, and luxurious and elaborately designed interiors, Beyond Designs has unveiled two living rooms that celebrate the rich art and crafts heritage of our country in contemporary settings.

Well-known for their masterful medley of art and crafts from around the world in the exquisitely crafted spaces they create, Beyond Designs yet again illustrates how modern interiors can be made richer and warmer by showcasing our unparalleled heritage of art and antiques. Even though the two living rooms stem from their penchant for layered and complex design, they are distinctly different, indicating that there is no end to the many ways in which you can imagine them.

Picture Details:

 Pic 1, 3 and 4: Two grand Pichwai paintings form a vibrant backdrop to a warm living room. A modern sofa in blue velvet upholstery, another with golden finish in a classical style on the opposite side, the round side table with blue and white lapiz, hint at the artful mix of styles. The flamingo artwork adds a modern touch.

The intricate metal and crystal chandelier enhances the grandness of the atrium in Pic 4.

 Pic 5 & 6: Authentic antique pieces sourced from Rajasthan are given a modern uplift by mounting them on a sleek iron frame to form an unusual backdrop to a contemporary living room. Part of Beyond Designs’ latest collection, Wild Rose, launched at the recent India Design ID, the living room stands out with a magnificent coffee table where black marble is inlayed into white with an overlay of 4-mm thin brass wire that lends a luxe touch. The teak wood base features three legs each with brass shoes at the four corners. A modern sofa is paired with another in classical style with paisley upholstery and rivets. While the table lamps use an age-old material like beaten brass, they are fashioned into a very contemporary design. The wooden Panchamukhi horse sculpture adds a touch of traditional interest.

Mumbai, July 2020: Yasanche launches the ‘Ripple Fruit Tray’ from its Water Series. This unconventional home décor accessory is moulded in translucent resin using eight intricate techniques to achieve the final product. Since, these techniques are hand-processed, each piece has one-of-a-kind features.

The inspiration behind Yasanche’s Water Series is the purity and kinetic form of water. This Series exhibits a unique collection of accessories that portray the fluidity of water in its different states of existence, and its natural flow in the form of ripples, splashes, droplets and bubbles—shapes and movements that have been wonderfully captured as a moment in time. The Water Series includes awe-inspiring and distinctive home accessories. Future additions to the collection will be in the form of wall art and furniture objects.

The ‘Ripple Fruit Tray’ takes the concept of the ‘Drop Jewellery Tray’ further, by replicating ripples on the surface of water. Ripples caused by multiple water droplets of varying sizes are usually uneven. Also, ripples tend to expand and travel further from its centre in a very dramatic and uneven, yet linear way. The ‘Ripple Fruit Tray’ evokes the drama associated with water droplets falling from leaves into a pond and the resultant ripples formed on the surface of the lake. These ripples are naturally of varying sizes and sometimes overlap as well. The tray depicts the natural fluidity of water through intricate details, which have been carefully hand-processed by craftsmen. The translucent ripples are aesthetically pleasing and add a level of drama to the fruit tray.

About The Brands

For the past 20 years, Beyond Designs has captured the residential designs narrative of creating highly individual & exquisitely finished projects, concentrating on residences, many of them for well-known personalities. Specializing in luxury interior design & decoration in New Delhi and across the world, renowned designers & entrepreneurs Sachin & Neha’s iconic, neutral style has featured in high acclaimed journals. Their design philosophy is to keep it stylish yet effortless. Get inspired by the old world charm to create a fusion, contemporary & timeless design.


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