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Aparna Kaushik Presents Stunning Foyers

Aparna Kaushik Presents Stunning Foyers

New Delhi, December 2020 :– New-Delhi-based architect Aparna Kaushik, known for her elegant and minimalistic, yet impactful interiors, presents stunning foyers that stop you in your tracks and coax you to take in the exquisite design features around.

Foyers simply receive you and guide you into the home, yet they reveal a lot about the home and its owners. “While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we think it’s fair to judge a home by its foyer. The foyer may be just a transitory space, its importance in creating a striking first impression of your home cannot be denied,” says Aparna. Here she presents some breathtakingly beautiful foyers.
Pic 1: The artworks on the feature wall seem to have been inspired by the exotic grains of the gorgeous marble on the floor, and together with the wall sconces and a charming orchestration of lights, they lend this foyer a visually captivating look. The head turner chaise lounge adds to the beauty of the foyer.
Pic 2: A statement-making console accessorized with select table lamps and mirror, an eye-catching gallery wall with black-and-white photographs and a chandelier hanging from the atrium ceiling – they all come together to create a delightful foyer.
Pic 3: With its striking black-and-white patterned flooring and ceiling made up of a series of vaults, this foyer exudes contemporary Gothic charm. Its perfect proportions and symmetry fill you with serenity as you walk through these portals.

Here are some tips by Aparna for entryway design:
Art it up: Personalise your foyer by creating a gallery wall showcasing your favourite nostalgic moments, iconic photographs or a conversation starting art piece for your guests to go gaga over.

Highlight a wall: Create an accent wall with a pop of colour and embellish it with wall sconces for added effect.

Pattern your floor: A strikingly patterned floor will direct the eye across the space and welcome your guests inside.

Let light in: Flanking your front door with windows will help to flood the entire space with natural light.

Ceiling art: Create a captivating entry with unique ceiling features like vaults or recessed lighting.

Green is the new black: Add a touch of nature with potted plants, but make sure they don’t occupy too much floor space.

Play with furniture: Combine comfort and functionality with style via statement seating or a console table piece. The added furniture invites you to linger a few moments longer at the doorstep.

Magic with light: Unique lighting can completely change the look of a foyer. Add drama to your entry with an eye-catching light fixture.

About A Square Designs

New Delhi-based Architect Aparna Kaushik is the Founding Principal and Design Director of an eponymous, design-and-build firm that works across architecture, interiors, furniture, lighting, product design and landscaping. Her design ethos is built on a studied balance of art and architectural history that fuses classical composition with contemporary flair and pragmatic precision to integrate the client’s most explicit requirements and subtle preferences. Her creations, spanning expansive luxury estates to stylishly intimate boutiques, commercial establishments to retail outlets, spas to pubs and restaurants… are an example of perfect functionality and striking aesthetics.

Clarity of purpose and simplicity are the essence of design. I design to accentuate the natural qualities of a space, amplifying its particular beauty through seamless functionality and unique form.” – Aparna Kaushik

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Phone No – 9312354035
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