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42mm Architecture Unveils Enchanting Green Outdoor Spaces

42mm Architecture Unveils Enchanting Green Outdoor Spaces

New Delhi, Sept 2020: New Delhi-based firm 42mm Architecture has unveiled enchanting outdoor spaces that inspire you with their striking elegance, natural vibe, and an intelligent interface with the interiors.
Holistic architecture is all about conceiving the interiors and exteriors as one single entity, with one simply being the extension of the other. So outdoor spaces further refine and beautify the interiors. As an essential part of the home, these charming outdoor spaces are carved out of the built mass, more as a centrifugal element around which the building takes shape. A wonderful dialogue between the two areas is evident in the designs, as you can see in the range of outdoor spaces crafted by the firm.

Double-height terrace: This duplex features a double-height terrace with expansive views of the golf course. The terrace is conceived as an extension of the living room with lavish seating. A design highlight is the eye-catching hanging planters that work as art installations and offer an unobstructed vista of the golf course.

Sunken Courtyard: A new dimension was added to the basement by introducing a sunken courtyard, which is an extended garden and a source of light to the art gallery in the basement. The walls are decorated with planter beds to provide privacy to the space.

Light well courtyard: This feature introduces light and greenery into a house in a unique way. Planned as a vertical green artery, it unites all the floors, infusing them with natural light and vitality.

Pool Terrace: Paired with an entertainment area, the pool terrace offers an exquisite experience, as well as enhances the spatial quality of the home.

About 42 MM Architecture:
A multi-disciplinary practice established in 2005, 42mm has since been specializing in Architecture, Interiors and Urban Design. With a keen desire to depart from conventional models, a team of 25-plus architects and designers strives constantly to create projects that stand out. It’s distinct approach towards design, detail and the latest technology is evident in each project. The firm is constantly into research, development and implementation of innovative and efficient design strategies. At the same time, the firm maintains a strong commitment to create design solutions that are individually tailored to suit the specific criteria for each project.

Availability as follows:

42 MM Architecture
215, Block D, Saket
New Delhi 110017

Phone Number: 011-40114364


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